Prophetic Signs and Times

Prophetic Signs and Times

Hello everyone. I wanted to share a prophetic word that the Lord gave me a week and a half ago. I needed to take a moment to let it settle in me before releasing it. Im just going to let God speak through the word itself.

April 5th the Lord woke me up to pray. The time was 4:44 am. The number 4 is significant. It represents the 4th day in the creation week. It was the day that God set up the demarcation of time which included days, years, and seasons. When you look up the hebrew word for season it actually means appointed time. 

This is an appointed time for the Church of Jesus Christ. It’s a time of awakening. The scripture Isaiah 43:18-19 has been burning in me concerning this. It says “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness…” God really began to break this down to me in the book of Ezekial. There is alot to this so you will have to read it for yourself. I will paraphrase some and quote some of the scripture. But you need to read it! 

He had me start with Ezekiel 12:6. In this scripture God is using His Prophet whom He called and commissioned to be a real life demonstration of the process He was about to take the Israelites through. God is getting reading to take them into the prison that they created so that they could be set free. This is the same process that God has the church in right now. I will explain more. But lets back up first. 

It’s amazing that the Lord decides that He has had enough of the rebellion, the idolatry, the sexual perversion, and the hard hearetedness from His people. He could have struck them dead or rained down some calamity to wipe them out. But, He chose a man, that He called, to become the mouthpiece to an entire people group. Ezekial would become the Prophetic Voice to the nation of Israel. He would be the go between that would deliver the messages of God to the people of Israel. This call to be a Watchman was very serious. It carried blood. The blood of peoople. The blood of a nation. This blood could either be on the heads of disobedient people or on the head of a disobedient prophet. (Ouch!)

There is a seriousness and weightiness coming on the prophetic movement in this hour. The responsibility to deliver authentic words of God to the Church and to nations is coming with a cost. The days of “soulish” prophetic words and praying “well meaning prayers” over people out of our brokenss, are over. There is a cost involved, and a responsibility for us to clean up the prophetic movement and to begin to carry the responsibility that rides on it. From this revelation, I had to repent. I had shrugged off certain words, and rejected the call as a Prophet on my life. I had embraced other functions that were easier and carried less responsibility. I had to repent! Maybe we all should. If thats you let’s repent together:

God Im sorry. I will carry the weight of the Prophetic anointing on my life. I will deliver, with accuracy, what you give me to deliver. I will get healed and delivered, stay healed and delivered, and decree your words to people, the Church, and to nations. I’m done with the prophetic words out of my emotions or the “wants” for others. I’m done with just delivering the “feel good words”. God I ask that you bring me to a place of reverence and holy fear that I will speak Your word with boldness and clarity. In Jesus name…amen!

Now that we have that out of the way, lets look back into the Word. The Lord began to show me the state of  the nation of Israel throughout the book of Ezekiel and how it mirrors the state of the Church, the United States, the UK and some other prominent nations. 

Ezekiel chapter 4-8 is foreshadowing of the fall and destruction of Israel because of their stiffnecked, idolatrous, rebellion and sin. Do you know that the Church of Jesus Christ has become an idol of its own? We idolize our worship, our comfort, our attendance numbers, our buildings, our branding, our tag lines, our performance, our elitism, and ourselves. We have not only allowed this but we have partnered with it as if its getting us closer to God. Even worse, we do this with an attitude like we are the only ones getting it right! Our religion has overtaken the authentic Gospel of Jesus to love Him and love people. And what Im speaking of the underlying sin. Not even the evident sin. We tolerate the spirit of control, jealousy, manipulation, and witchcraft in the House of God for the sake of not rocking the boat. Let alon, totally mishandling the evident issues with homosexuality, abortion, politics, racism, and the likes. 

I’m not here to beat up the Church out of hurt or frustration. Hear my heart, please. This is out of my love for God and my love for the Church. I’m just delivering a message. God is done with this stuff! It’s simply His mercy that He hasnt shown up and flipped the tables in the temple! But we have a chance to correct some things. In Ez. 9 people died because of the sin of the people. It says that “the pity of the Lord was not with the people” and those who were not repentent died. Do you know there is blood involved here too. There is the blood of the unborn. Im not just talking about abortion. Im talking about those who will never have the opportunity to know the love and saving grace of Jesus. Those who will miss it, because of the religious games we play. Or even worse, those who are newborns into the Kingdom and we get jealous and execute them before they ever get started. We need to repent. Oh God!!!!!!

The next thing that happens as we follow along in Ezekiel is that the glory of God lifts off the temple. The Lord would say “Because you have defiled the house of God with idolatry, lust, and greed I’m removing myself from you. I will not rest in a polluted place. You can try to keep performing the past practices that produced fruit to try and make it happen, but its not going to happen. Im lifting off of many houses of God throughout the Body of Christ. This a call to repentance and re alignment. Give me back was was rightfully mine says God. You took something that was not yours in my name, and now I want it back. I want my Church back. I want my people back. I want my worship back. I want the glory. I want the praise. I want was stolen. Come now, set it back into my possession. I mean to do a new thing. Some will miss it because of their stubborness and sin. Im doing a new thing. Do you not sense it in the Spirit. The shaking is mine, not the attacks of the enemy. Im shaking out my Church as to not have wrinkles” says the Lord. “Come back to me my Bride”

The bi product of the glory of God lifting off of the temple is that the hand of God begins to lift off of a region. Dr. Sharon Stone always shares that the Church sets the tone in a region. If you want to know what the Church is like and how effective they are,take a look at what is going on in the region. As God has been driven out of churches, where His Spirit is choked out and cannot move, He is lifting off of regions. (SIDE NOTE: If God’s not in your church then you shouldnt be either!) In Ez. 10 we see an example of this. Its specific, as Ezekiel sees a vision of the Glory of God leaving nation of Israel. You dont want the hand of God to lift off your nation. You dont want the hand of God to lift off your church. You dont want the hand of God to lift off of you. That is exactly why I quit doing drugs. Every time I would start getting high, i would feel the presence of God lift off of me. You dont want that! As a matter of fact, multiple times in the Bible it speaks of God even setting himself against His people because of their sin. I dont want to be an enemy of God! You dont want to be an enemy of God. We need to get some things right. 

Good news is that Ez. 11 speaks of a remnant. A people who will do the right thing in the eyes of God. Who are willing to lay down their pride, their idols, and their agendas to align with the purposes of God. The kind of people who worship God and not events or teams. The people who understand that the Gospel means go and that we cant go if we are always in a building. The type of people that understand its not just about me, but i will lay down my life for the “babies”. I have heard this about a remnant over and over. But I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying “Im calling out a remnant in this hour. One who will represent my heart and obey my Spirit. Those that will bend with the movement of my Spirit over the earth in this hour. That will die in the flesh to come alive. Those who will live beyond the cross. Who will live beyond the resurrection. Who will live and walk out their call with the authority as I sit at my Fathers right hand. Those who will worship in spirit and in truth. Those who are vulnerable, teachable, and lead while counting the cost. A remnant whose purpose is to fullfill the great commission. Who will go and be laid down lovers no matter the cost. The healed, the free, the joyful who find their strength in the Lord. Im calling an authentic people restored to my original purposes to preach Good News, heal the sick, cast out devils, raise the dead, and equip the Church for the works of ministry. Those who will lose self to reproduce Jesus in others. Im calling a remnant who will allow themselves to be stripped down and allow Jesus to be enough!”

In chapter 12 God uses Ezekiel as a prophetic display. He is a display of what it looks like for you to carry all your baggage into bondage. He uses the word exile in this passage of scripture.  Which means “the state of being barred from one’s native country.” When He speaks of “being brought into Babylon, the land of the Chaldeans” its speaking of being ensnared in witchcraft. The Chaldean’s were known as those who predicted the future through astrology. They functioned in withcraft. They were the false prophet! So when you take a good look at this and how it relates today. You see a false prophetic movement and false prophets (moving in witchcraft) that are causing people to be led out of the land they are meant to occupy and into captivity. 

The reason we can be influenced by this spirit is because of the pride and rebellion we allow in our lives and in the Church. We have to repent, shut down the counterfeit witchcraft fortune telling, and come out of captivity. We are meant to occupy territory as the army of God. We are meant to influence regions and nations. We have been so bound in this mess that we have become displaced and imprisoned. You might be saying right now, “my church isn’t like that” or “he’s not talking to me”.

Hear this. If “one part suffers, every part suffers with it!” 1 Corinthians  12:26. That means we are all in this together. We need to wake up. Hear the voice of God. Quit playing church. Get healed. Get free. And get serious about the call of God on His Church!

I sense that we are in a window of time that has a level of grace on it that may not always be there. What I mean, is that the mercy of God is solely responsible for holding back some of the reprucussions that we are rightfully due. There is coming a day that the grace will lift. There will be a judgement come on the Church for what we have done with what we have been given. I want to hear well done good and faithful servant. We have time to repent and change some things. We have a window of opportunity to burn our implements of witchcraft, tear down our idols and usher in the reverence for God. 

There is a shaking and sifting out of the Church happening across the globe. Ezekial was the mouthpiece and living display of the prophetic voice of God. Will you be! Will you count the cost and lay it all down for the sake of Jesus Christ. For the sake of those being born in the greatest harvest of souls that is taking shape around the globe right now. Will you allow the fire to come into you and your life, so you can be a clean vessel. It’s time to choose. 

You are not halfway a Christian. You ARE or you ARE NOT! It’s time to just be one. Time to quit with all the performance, striving, fame chasing, money chasing, control, manipulation and all the other junk. Repent and get on your face before God. Let Him heal and deliver you. Let him heal and deliver your Church. He wants to use you to deliver a nation from bondage. He wants your city through you. He wants your family through your testimony! He will not come in overwhelming measure to a polluted life, church or nation.

I want to be part of a move of God where He abides and never lifts His manifest presence. He wants to come that way! He wants to make you His footstool. He wants to make your Church and your city a resting place of His presence. He wants to settle in all His Glory in your nation! But it begins in you. The temple of the Holy Spirit is your. Get your temple cleaned and dedicated fresh to the King. 

My prayer is that we would recognize the “appointed time” that we are in. That Gods glory is lifting off of some of us personally, off our churches and off of nations. He his lifting off because of our rebellion, idolatry, and unrepentant sin. We have found ourselves limited in our influence as the body because of the self imposed exile that we have caused. The sin created prison that we have lived is can no longer be tolerated. 

My God open the eyes of your people that we might recognize how far we have fallen and allow us to repent. Allow our repentence to open the door to deliverance that we would be set free from our prison. That we would tear down our idols and burn our implements of Christian withcraft. God that we would come out of exile as the Children of God to assume our rightful place in the land we have been promised. I pray right now in Jesus name, that a cleansing by fire would come to the church and the prophetic movement. That we would recognize the error of our ways, turn from them and rightly align ourselves with your ways and purposes. Im sorry for my part in this. I lay down every thought, perspective, idea, agenda, doctrine, religious duty and everything in me thats in opposition to you. God forgive us! Lord we choose to return to our first love and to be changed. We lay it all down for Jesus Christ sake! Amen


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