Uncomfortable is GOOD with God!

Season’s Are Changing!

Uncomfortable is a good place to be with God! Yes. You heard me right! Discomfort in your walk with God is good. What would cause us to become uncomfortable in our walk with Jesus you ask? Maybe, it’s simply the places where Jesus wants to take a stroll, and would like you to come with Him. I have a feeling that Christ the Messiah is not sitting in the back pew playing Tic Tac Toe fantasizing about the grand buffet that He will indulge in after the service. I doubt he’s super concerned with what ball game is on, and will He have enough time to stop at the store to pick up buns before the game starts. I have this sense that there are more pressing matters at hand with the Savior of the World. I dont think He’s too worried about coffee in the foyer’s of our fancy church buildings, or the smoke, lights and empty performances we put on. Even if they are rather impressive and done super well! I’m pretty sure that He is not too worried about all that we place at the forefront of our religious engagements. I don’t think Jesus ever needed to be part of any social club. You know what I mean? The kind full of fake smiles, lifeless handshakes, painful hugs and bathed with backbiting gossip behind the scenes. At this point I think you get the picture. Hear this please. I’m not exempt from any of this. The fact is, that I’m just at a place of conviction with the part that I have played in this nonsensical display of ritualistic, religious, so called Christianity. This is not me upset with the Church. This is not me mad at anyone. I’m not offended with any Pastors or other Christians. I just feel like there is a fine line between where we can get so comfortable doing church that we forget how to be the Church! Where we begin to serve and worship the establishment that was created instead of the Creator himself.

I love the Church of Jesus Christ. Kris Volloton says it well with “You don’t get Jesus without His Bride, the Church!” Again, I LOVE THE CHURCH, it’s Pastors and all my brothers and sisters! But you have to understand that I’m in a very uncomfortable place with God. Understand that I’m face to face with the reality that I have done much of the “good thing” while so easily overlooking the “God thing”! The “good thing” is keeping track of every church function I attend. It’s overlooking issues in relationships to not rock the boat instead of “confronting in love” like a mature believer. It’s staying in a place that God says to move out of because of the fear of what everyone else will think or how they will react. It also says that “I have gone through these motions and its what we do to be “good Christians” and now I feel good about me.”

But, the God thing looks like “Noah, build an Ark”! It looks like “Peter, come to me. Step out of the boat and onto the water. Keep your eyes on me”. It looks like “Mary, you birth My Son even though you will never have been with a man. He will be the Saviour of all humankind.” “And Joseph you must love Mary as your wife and raise My child as your own.” It sounds like whispers in my spirit ringing out saying “Trust Me! I will lead. If you hold tight to Me and follow closely, i promise, this will be awesome! No matter what, this will be awesome. The end is grand! There is victory at the end of all of this. Just hold tight, stay close! My love for you is enough. My plan for you is enough. It’s going to be awesome! Death won’t win. The grave won’t hold you, just like it couldnt hold Me. Your failures are falling off because my grace is sufficient! Your future is the brightest ever. Arise and shine, light of the world!

I’m super uncomfortable. Right now I feel pressed, stretched, challenged, confronted, exposed, vulnerable, and maybe a little afraid! The seasons are changing. I’m choosing to be moved by the winds of the Spirit of God and to be with Jesus wherever He is. If he’s not there, then I’m not either. I’m being changed! The desire to know God is there like never before. It’s kind of like thinking you know somebody and then finding out that there is so much more to them than you ever thought. Like I have just scratched the surface. Like everything I thought I knew was just blown out of the water! Jesus is endless! I need him like never before. He needs his rightful place again in our lives. He needs the throne as Lord over our lives and the Church.

I feel like what is stirring in the Church is growing uncomfortable. That your walk with God is growing uncomfortable. It’s good! He is calling us all out. We will then quit doing church and become it! The seasons are changing. Broken and crying out for God’s Holy Presence here on earth is where its at. He wants to abide with you and me. Will we make room? Will we allow his dirty, bloody feet to tread on the precious carpet in our man made temples? Will we take His hand and head into the dirty, dark places for His sake. Will we leave our comfort to grow in real relationships with Him and one another? Will we relinquish all rights to anything we think we have a right to? It’s all His! Will we allow him access to the hurt places behind the walls that we have built to protect our hearts? Today, I’m broken and repenting for my arrogance and pride. I’m repenting for my religion that has eclipsed my relationship with the most important person in my eternal life!

Today I’m making room. I’m giving back the throne to the King.

Discomfort will draw you out of the same seat you sit in every week at church. It will cause you to expose yourself to Jesus in way that you never have. Stretching is what it take sometimes to reach across the divide to heal a relationship or connect for the first time. Vulerability creates trust. Confrontation causes you to reflect and respond. Being challenged will cause you to rise up and overcome. Anyway, it’s ok to be uncomfortable. Its a sign that says “If you stay to long here, you might get stuck!” And your not meant to be stuck! You’re meant to run.

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross,scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.” – Hebrews 12:1-3

I’m very excited and I’m rejoicing in this uncomfortable place with Jesus! I’m confident that through it all I wll know Him better and I will be changed to a greater degree into His likeness. Please, join with me in allowing Jesus His rightful place in our lives and in His Church. If its about anything other than Him, then its dangerous. Its idolatry! It’s always and forever about Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords!



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  1. Wow, this is great. Particularly the part about “letting his dirty, bloody feet touch the floors of our temples”. Simple, yet realistic picture that urges us to look beyond the Church trends and what’s relevant in our society. The fact is, Jesus never looked like what people thought He should, and he never will. He just is. The Bible gives us a clear answer to how to live and love like Jesus. What some people may think is irrelevant to “today’s world” are forgetting that even in those times that He was walking this Earth, he was still challenging the ideals and normalities of society. He is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow. Why do we think that He is not as powerful in us today? That’s the question He has been pressing on my Spirit. And it’s just what you’re saying…it’s uncomfortable. I’m learning that that uncomfortable feeling is to take us deeper. Think of how “dumb” you’d be willing to look for your child. You wouldn’t just have a pretend tea party out of your own desire. The point is, if we are so in love with Him, the things that seem uncomfortable now, are not really going to matter when we grow in Love with Him.

    1. I love this! Thanks for chiming in and sharing what God is doing in your life. I really feel like there are some things shaking out with western Christianity that has us all super uncomfortable. And it’s good!

  2. Thank you for this!!!! Seriously uncomfortable in this new season but it’s a transformational kind of uncomfortable and I wouldn’t have it any other way!! Unveil Yourself more Lord and those places in me that don’t line up with Your identity in me!!

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